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Depending on how many classes you take per week, or how many you take per month, our Academic Coordinator will arrange a FREE periodic online meeting in order to provide feedback, and make sure you are having a correct and adequate progression learning Spanish.

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ONLINE lessons



Our online lessons last 1 hour minimum and you can book as many lessons as you want during a day, a week, or a month. We offer schedules 24/7 so that you can choose those that fit your life.


native teachers

All our teachers are professionals from top Peruvian Universities and have a minimum experience of 10'000 hours teaching Spanish as a foreign language

(5 years minimum).


During your first free class, we carefully evaluate your individual needs, goals, and areas of improvement, so that we can design an ideal program to fit your Spanish profile and learning objectives.



All our courses employ syllabi that meet the International Standards given by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and focus on Latin-American Spanish.



Essays, narrations and other written assignments

Stories, news and articles to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary

Hundreds of videos and comprehen-sion tests

Audios, songs, interviews and more for listening skills improvement

Available grammar lessons for self-study


Access to dozens of extra materials during your free time:

Practice is important when learning any language. This is why we have created an Online campus with dozens of materials for each level so you can access readings, quizzes, videos, podcasts, practice quizzes and much more whenever you want.

This is also our main platform used for homework assignment and receive special feedback from our teachers.

At the moment, our online campus is up and running for all basic levels and very soon students at other levels will also have access to this technology, meanwhile our skilled teachers will specially design and prepare learning materials to meet your unique learning objectives, interests, and areas of improvement.

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