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All our teachers are professionals from top Peruvian Universities and have a minimum experience of 10'000 hours

teaching Spanish as a foreign language (5 years minimum).

Professional native teachers

Our online campus is finally here for basic levels,

meanwhile, students at other levels enjoy customized materials tailor made to fit their unique learning objectives.

Students at basic levels can access hundreds of extra materials during their free time. Very soon students at all levels will be able to access them:

Essays, narrations and other written assignments

Stories, news and cultural articles to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary

Hundreds of videos and comprehension tests

Hundreds of audios, songs, interviews and more for listening skills improvement

Available grammar lessons for self-study

Our classes program, contents and materials have been designed using the International standards set up by the European Framework of Reference for Languages and complemented with Latin American Spanish. 

International program,
adapted for Latin American Spanish

Online lessons are carried out by videocalls which can easily be used on desktop computers, Laptops, Mac computers, iPads, tablets and Smartphones. On the other hand, you can access our Online campus from any device or any internet browser (including Safari, Internet explorer, Google Chrome and others.

Accesible from multiple devices
reach your class wherever you are

We are one of the most prestigious Spanish language schools in Peru with over 5 years specialized in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

We are one of the most prestigious Spanish language schools in Peru with over 5 years specialized in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

Adapted content
designed for online distance learning

High definition video
and great audio quality over videocalls

Progress feedback
We will watch your progress closely

Former students' testimonials

Andra - United States of America

"The whole staff was extremely friendly and professional. The spanish classes were fun and very effective. I can't believe how much I learned in just a few weeks!"

What our former students think about our teaching

Marisa - United Kingdom
"Teachers are very professional, well qualified, and trained in modern language acquisition techniques as well as being very caring, friendly, and encouraging."

Peter - New Zealand
"Teachers were great and with a keen sense of humor making class really enjoyable. They used a range of different techniques, many their own, which really helped me learn"

Catherine - United Kingdom

"Every lesson was fun and full of laughter, these used a variety of teaching methods and games that really did cater to every ones needs"

Joseph - United States
"I spent about 3 months taking Online classes with them. They are very flexible, and I dramatically improved my Spanish. Highly recommended"

Judy - United States
"We learned enough Spanish to make our travels much more enjoyable. The teachers and staff are all very friendly and helpful. They became our friends from the first day"

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