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online lessons




Teachers guide and provide constant  feedback to help students take charge of their own learning based on their needs and objectives.

Student oriented

We focus on each individual student so that everyone gets meaningful and experiential Spanish language learning.

Hands-on approach

We provide students with the tools they need so that the entire learning process will be dynamic, participatory, and interactive.

Our teaching methodology combines 3 cutting edge approaches in order to optimize the uses of technology applied to language learning. 

Please also note that these methodologies are tailored to each student's profile in order to offer a faster and better learning experience.




Classes focus on meaningful communication

rather than only studying grammar rules in a rigid

class environment. By this approach, students are

given cooperative tasks to master a correct and controlled use of language. 

Classes employ activities to encourage

students to focus on their own goals and

needs, while the teacher maintains the

important role of facilitator

and monitor.



Students are given tasks (such as role play,

solving problems, sharing information, talking

about their experiences, or providing their personal point of view) that they must complete using their 

Spanish skills. Activities reflect real life, and students focus on meaning, which helps 

them to develop language fluency and

confidence. This approach is considered a

branch of Communicative

Language Teaching.




An important part of learning a

language consists of being able to understand and produce lexical phrases. Students are 

trained to be able to perceive patterns of 

language (grammar) as well as to have meaningful set phrases at their disposal. Such set phrases make up a larger portion of spoken dialogue than unique words and phrases, so instruction focuses on mastering oral skills and vocabulary 

over grammar.




The digital revolution has triggered huge changes in how we access, consume, discuss, and share content. Naturally, learning is following suit.

E-learning allows students to learn at their own pace, while providing a comfortable and safe environment, as well as a solid and comprehensive education. Learners can focus on elements they need to learn and can skip what they already know

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