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Access our new Integrated Learning Platform


Integrated Learning Platform


All your resources under the same roof

Online Campus

our high tech virtual textbook

Levels for private classes: Basic 1, Basic 2, Pre-intermediate 1, Pre-intermediate 2, and Intermediate 1.

Levels for group conversation/debate:
Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced.

Access thousands of class materials, interactive exercises, activities, grammar modules, lectures, audio files, videos, homework, and much more. All on the same platform.

My Homework

and my teacher's feedback

Find all your homework in the same place so you can review whenever you want.

Receive and revise feedback from your teachers in a convenient, easy, and organized way. 


Perfect your Spanish and learn from the feedback your teachers send you for every one of your homework exercises.

You homework is saved permanently and safely so that you can review whenever you want. 

My Progress

and personalized feedback

Technology allows your to track your progress and ensure that you maximize your progress in each Spanish class. 

View your teachers' weekly reports, where you can find tips, advice, and useful recommendations.

Optimize your Spanish learning with careful feedback prepared by our specialized teachers. Every report is personalized based on your unique needs and objectives. 

Available levels & class materials for

Private Classes

You will have access to all levels to encourage exploration. Nevertheless, please note that because we have designed the activities and exercises with a modern, communicative methodology, you will learn most efficiently by working through many of the tools and activities under your teacher's guidance in class.

Female Doctor

Español de Supervivencia

(Survival Spanish for Travelers)

Español Médico - Nivel B1/B2

(Medical Spanish - For levels B1 /B2)

A1.1 (Básico 1 /Básico 1+)

(Basic 1/Basic 1+ level)


A2.2 (Preintermedio 2
/Preintermedio 2+)

(Pre-intermediate 2/Pre-intermediate 2+ level)

A2.1 (Preintermedio 1/
Preintermedio 1

(Pre-intermediate 1/Pre-intermediate 1+  level)

A1.2 (Básico 2/
Básico 2

(Basic 2/Basic 2+ level)