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You will have access to all levels to encourage exploration. Nevertheless, please note that because we have designed the activities and exercises with a modern, communicative methodology, you will learn most efficiently by working through many of the tools and activities under your teacher's guidance in class.

Español de Supervivencia

(Survival Spanish for Travelers)

Español Médico - Nivel B1/B2

(Medical Spanish - For levels B1 /B2)

A1.1 (Básico 1 /Básico 1+)

(Basic 1/Basic 1+ level)

A2.2 (Preintermedio 2
/Preintermedio 2+)

(Pre-intermediate 2/Pre-intermediate 2+ level)

A2.1 (Preintermedio 1/
Preintermedio 1

(Pre-intermediate 1/Pre-intermediate 1+  level)

A1.2 (Básico 2/
Básico 2

(Basic 2/Basic 2+ level)

En construcción

Fecha de lanzamiento

Junio del 2020






B1.1 (Intermedio 1)

(Intermediate 1 level)

B1.2 (Intermedio 2)

(Intermediate 2 level)

Conversational/debate class in

Small groups

(up to 3 students per class)

Once you register for this program, your teacher will send you a link 1 to 2 days before each class is set to begin to allow you to prepare.

After each class, your teacher will assign 1 hour of written homework in order to provide you with customized feedback.

Nivel Intermedio (B1.1)

Clase de Conversación/debate

(Conversational class - Intermediate level)

Nivel Intermedio Alto (B1.2/B1.3)

Clase de Conversación/debate

(Conversational class - Upper Intermediate level)

Nivel Avanzado (B2/C1)

Clase de Conversación/debate

(Conversational class - Advanced level)

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