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Online Campus User Agreement:

/protected access

In order to protect our copyrighted materials, you will be prompted to create a username (for free) when trying to access our learning platform.  Please note that only current or former students of our School will be granted access. Thank you for your understanding!


Your account is for personal use only

We kindly ask you to refrain yourself from sharing your login credentials to a 3rd party. Accounts that violate this policy will be permanently suspended.  


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Classes Terms & Conditions


All payments need to be made in advance and can be securely completed by PayPal (which accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and many more credit/debit cards). If this option is not suitable for you, please send us an email to contact@peruwayna.com and we will be happy to send you a payment link through a safe online payments processor. 

Academic Hour

Please note that each academic hour lasts 55 chronological minutes. This is to ensure that both students and teachers have a little rest time between classes.

Group Classes

Group class Absences:
Because we schedule small group classes every week based on demand, students who register for group classes must commit to attending class for the entire week (3x week). For this reason, missed classes are not subject to refund.


Minimum number of students:
Since we schedule small group classes every week based on demand, students who register for group classes understand that we require a minimum of 2 students in order to open a group class. In case that during your studies your group has an insufficient number of students to remain open, you will be offered to switch to Private Lessons at a special price, so you can continue with your studies until more students of your level join and we're able to re-organize a group class.

a Private Class

Students may reschedule a private class up to 24 hours before their class is scheduled to begin by contacting us during our office hours (from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm) AND . For example, a class scheduled for 4:00pm on Tuesday will need to be canceled by 4:00pm on Monday, and a class scheduled at 9:00am on Monday needs to be cancelled by 6:00pm the preceding Friday.

Unfortunately, classes not cancelled in time are considered to be absences and are billed accordingly.